Our Bylaws

We, the members of the ABONNEMA FOUNDATION living in the United States of America, and elsewhere, have satisfied the requirements of membership, all as defined hereinafter (and hereinafter referred to as Registered Members), in the Abonnema Foundation hereinafter referred to as AF or FOUNDATION), a not-forprofit organization legally organized in the State of Texas on the 15th Day of the month of April in the year 2004, adopt the bylaws for the governance of the organization:


WHEREAS REGISTERED MEMBERS is desirous to organize and operate, as and at all times, exclusively for charitable, educational, cultural, social, economical, scientific and technological purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding Section of any future Federal Tax Code;

WHEREAS REGISTERED MEMBERS in recognition of widespread poverty and lack of financial capital for the implementation of community charitable projects is desirous to provide opportunities to pool resources to promote the legitimate charitable, social, cultural,
educational, scientific and technological and economic interests and advancement of the
Abonnema Community;

WHEREAS REGISTERED MEMBERS in recognition of the lack of infrastructure and enabling environment for the Abonnema Community development is desirous of providing the enabling environment for the development, supervision, and implementation of social and economic programs and infrastructure for the general benefit of the Abonnema Community and other communities;

WHEREAS REGISTERED MEMBERS is desirous of creating environments to address, provide relief, and seek redress on all issues of importance on behalf of the general Abonnema Community, both in the United States and elsewhere;

WHEREAS REGISTERED MEMBERS is desirous of providing a vehicle for organizing and supervising, alone or jointly, with other organizations or groups of individuals activities for public opinion evaluation and for the purpose of creating political, economic, general health and welfare awareness, and thereby foster the growth of goodwill amongst communities;

WHEREAS REGISTERED MEMBERS desires to liaise or collaborate with international, national,or local groups, organizations, or associations to foster and promote unity of purpose, social, cultural, scientific and technological, educational and economic interests and advancement for our mutual benefits; and

WHEREFORE the REGISTERED MEMBERS makes and ordains these Bylaws for the governance of the Abonnema Foundation of which we are the primary benefactors

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Abonnema Foundation brings together the combined expertise and collective voice of stakeholders in the community.  We undertake this work led by a knowledgeable and competent board of directors and local leaders.

Board of Directors

Mr. Dein Boyle
Mrs. Daba Asemebo
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Steven Briggs
Secretary General
Mr. Alaiyi Bobmanuel
Assistant Secretary General
Mr. Akin Oruwari
Ms. Sukuba Fyneface
Financial Manager
Mr. Ibim Bob Manuel
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Joshua Asemebo
Mr. Toma Danagogo
Mrs. Magdalene Boyle
Public Relations Officer
Mr. Onye Briggs
Publicity Secretary


Region I Mr. Ibialapuye Boyle      
Region II Mr. Christopher Briggs    
Region III Mr. Steven Briggs      
Region IV Open      
Region V Mr. Adokiye Briggs    


Region I
Region II
Region III
Region IV
Region V
Connecticut Alabama Colorado Alaska Nigeria
Delaware Arkansas Iowa Arizona  
District of Columbia Florida Kansas California  
Maine Georgia Lousiana Hawaii  
Maryland Illinois Minnesota Idaho  
Massachusetts Indiana Montana Nevada  
New Hampshire Kentucky Nebraska New Mexico  
New Jersey Michigan North Dakota Oregon  
New York Mississippi Oklahoma Utah  
North Carolina Missouri South Dakota Washington  
Pennsylvania Ohio Texas    
Rhode Island Tennessee Wyoming    
South Carolina Wisconsin      
West Virginia